What Are Ball Rugs?

What Are Ball Rugs?

Our featured item, that can fit any living room, hallway or office, is 100% handmade felt ball rugs that are created by connecting small balls made of wool. The balls are hand processed by Nepal women that can create the perfect felt ball rug of any color, shape and design.

A rug with a unique style

By bringing home a unique, handmade felt ball rug, you bring more than a rug; you bring a special feeling, something different, from the other side of the world to your home. You will enjoy a diversity of colors, shapes and sizes in your living room, bedroom or office. You can mix and match to find the perfect deco combination for your designed space.

All natural materials

When you purchase an item from our broad selection of felt ball rugs, you can rest assured that you are getting 100% natural materials. The fabrics are completely natural, and contain one winning ingredient – New Zealand sheep wool. Why compromise on less than the healthiest choice for you and your family when you can get your own designed, all natural, Nepal ball rugs.

Nepal women labor

Nowadays, we tend to have a lot of possessions – our car, our clothes, our home, our furniture and much more. How many of those are actually made without the help of machines? Our felt ball rugs are made with the love and care of Nepal women that think of one, and only one thing, while making these rugs – the warmth of the ones that are going to use them. By purchasing a handmade ball rug you help to maintain a local stable income of Nepal women that use the money they earn to bring home bread and food for their families.

Color and shape of any choice

The ancient technique of making these magnificent handmade ball rugs, relies on the small wool balls the rugs are made from. The balls are sewed to each other and can be matched in any color or shape to create any idea for felt ball rugs. You can select one of our pre-made rugs or customize your own to complete satisfaction.



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