Support Nepal Craftsmanship and Local Women Workforce

Support Nepal Craftsmanship and Local Women Workforce

By purchasing any of our cuddly, fluffy, nice and warm Nepal ball rugs, you are actually supporting an ancient tradition, which is preserved nowadays by the women of Nepal. These 100% sheep wool ball rugs are meticulously handmade and delivered directly to your home, thanks to the dedication of Nepal women who work hard to support their families.


Preserving an ancient tradition

Ball rugs are made by an ancient weaving tradition that has been preserved over hundreds of years. The art of making rugs out of wool is taught one-on-one by mother to daughter generation after generation, after generation. More often than not, the most exquisite things are the result of years of perfection. Just like our original and traditional Nepal ball rugs.


Giving a new chance for Nepal women

In a western society like we live in, our idea of poverty and discomfort can be sometimes be misunderstood in comparison to the meager lifestyles in the Far East. In Nepal, most of the population struggles to find a stable job that can bring money or food to their families. Many women, children and entire families live in complete poverty, hanging on to the mercy of luck and good faith for livelihood. For some of the women that are currently weaving unique Nepal ball rugs, your purchase of this can be a live saver.


Leave the future behind – handmade is the best

Year after year, we are becoming increasingly accustomed to industrial merchandise, machine-made fabrics, clothes pieced together by robots and other unnatural fabrication methods, exterminating the love of creation. Our ball rugs are a work of art, authentically handmade by a professional that was taught the unique process of making these rugs since childhood through watching the older generations do so firsthand.


Connect the dots – New Zealand, Nepal and your home

Purchasing a handmade Nepal ball rug is a worldwide experience. The story begins in New Zealand, the land that has the highest sheep to farm ratio; where the finest sheep wool is harvested. The journey continues on to Nepal, where the processing of the fabric and the making of the rug take place. Finally, the last destination – your home that is now decorated and protected from the cold floor.



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