Earthy Comfort in Your Home

Earthy Comfort in Your Home

Looking for a comfortable, cozy, earthy and warm addition to your home? Nepal ball rugs are the perfect solution for your needs! They are warm and fuzzy, colorful and joyful, uniquely designed and authentic; and would fit perfectly in your living room or any other space in the home or office!

Warm, fuzzy and comfortable

Everyone that has ever stepped on a felt ball rug knows the magnificent feeling of warmth and fuzziness that these rugs provide. We give you such a comfort that allows both children and adults to sit and play on the carpet, or to walk barefoot, feeling the comfortable protection and separation from the cold ground.

Your choice of colorful tones

Our Nepal ball rugs are custom made to your order. You can modify and select the color, shape, and size of your brand new handmade Nepal ball rug. No order is too complicated for our staff of hard working Nepal women, which continue to produce a fine selection of rugs for your home needs.

A touch of eastern design

The Far East and our western society are so different from each other, that sometimes it may seem like two different worlds. The combination of old and new, classy and rugged, accurate and lively is such a magnificent compilation that creates a whole new dimension of innovation and design. With our diverse selection of handmade Nepal ball rugs, you can be sure that the right touch will be added to your home.

Modern home with an ancient rug

How many times have you visited Home Depot or Pottery Barn? How many times have you flipped through the same home decor magazine and discovered that there is actually nothing new? Well now, we have the opportunity to redesign and improve our home with eastern touches, all the way from the other side of the globe.

Handmade ball rugs – a great addition to every home

Whether it’s the warmth that you are looking for, or a special touch of color with a distant earthy scent from the Far East, our felt ball rugs would be the perfect solution for you, combining all of the above.

Hurry up! Get your very own felt ball rugs today!

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