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Support Nepal Craftsmanship and Local Women Workforce

By purchasing any of our cuddly, fluffy, nice and warm Nepal ball rugs, you are actually supporting an ancient tradition, which is preserved nowadays by the women of Nepal. These 100% sheep wool ball rugs are meticulously handmade and delivered directly to your home, thanks to the dedication of Nepal women who work hard to support their families.


Preserving an ancient tradition

Ball rugs are made by an ancient weaving tradition that has been preserved over hundreds of years. The art of making rugs out of wool is taught one-on-one by mother to daughter generation after generation, after generation. More often than not, the most exquisite things are the result of years of perfection. Just like our original and traditional Nepal ball rugs.


Giving a new chance for Nepal women

In a western society like we live in, our idea of poverty and discomfort can be sometimes be misunderstood in comparison to the meager lifestyles in the Far East. In Nepal, most of the population struggles to find a stable job that can bring money or food to their families. Many women, children and entire families live in complete poverty, hanging on to the mercy of luck and good faith for livelihood. For some of the women that are currently weaving unique Nepal ball rugs, your purchase of this can be a live saver.


Leave the future behind – handmade is the best

Year after year, we are becoming increasingly accustomed to industrial merchandise, machine-made fabrics, clothes pieced together by robots and other unnatural fabrication methods, exterminating the love of creation. Our ball rugs are a work of art, authentically handmade by a professional that was taught the unique process of making these rugs since childhood through watching the older generations do so firsthand.


Connect the dots – New Zealand, Nepal and your home

Purchasing a handmade Nepal ball rug is a worldwide experience. The story begins in New Zealand, the land that has the highest sheep to farm ratio; where the finest sheep wool is harvested. The journey continues on to Nepal, where the processing of the fabric and the making of the rug take place. Finally, the last destination – your home that is now decorated and protected from the cold floor.



Earthy Comfort in Your Home

Looking for a comfortable, cozy, earthy and warm addition to your home? Nepal ball rugs are the perfect solution for your needs! They are warm and fuzzy, colorful and joyful, uniquely designed and authentic; and would fit perfectly in your living room or any other space in the home or office!

Warm, fuzzy and comfortable

Everyone that has ever stepped on a felt ball rug knows the magnificent feeling of warmth and fuzziness that these rugs provide. We give you such a comfort that allows both children and adults to sit and play on the carpet, or to walk barefoot, feeling the comfortable protection and separation from the cold ground.

Your choice of colorful tones

Our Nepal ball rugs are custom made to your order. You can modify and select the color, shape, and size of your brand new handmade Nepal ball rug. No order is too complicated for our staff of hard working Nepal women, which continue to produce a fine selection of rugs for your home needs.

A touch of eastern design

The Far East and our western society are so different from each other, that sometimes it may seem like two different worlds. The combination of old and new, classy and rugged, accurate and lively is such a magnificent compilation that creates a whole new dimension of innovation and design. With our diverse selection of handmade Nepal ball rugs, you can be sure that the right touch will be added to your home.

Modern home with an ancient rug

How many times have you visited Home Depot or Pottery Barn? How many times have you flipped through the same home decor magazine and discovered that there is actually nothing new? Well now, we have the opportunity to redesign and improve our home with eastern touches, all the way from the other side of the globe.

Handmade ball rugs – a great addition to every home

Whether it’s the warmth that you are looking for, or a special touch of color with a distant earthy scent from the Far East, our felt ball rugs would be the perfect solution for you, combining all of the above.

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Handmade Nepal Ball Rugs with a Designer Feel

Looking for a cool new solution for the design of your home? …Redesigning your bedroom or living room, office or just need a playful touch to illuminate your space? We offer you a bright hint of unforgettable quality to enliven the look of your life with our handmade Nepal ball rugs.

Well preserved technique that beats all modern technology

The industrial era that we live in causes us to constantly search for the latest technology, the latest innovation, that will enable us to manufacture the best product there is. Sometimes, the simplest process is just the best. Throughout time, the freezing cold winds of Nepal placed its people in a situation that caused them to have to create a warm, cuddly layer of protection in their homes. This need is what led to the invention of this unique ancient technique of making these magnificent felt ball rugs.

Shaped ball rugs

The rugs can come in any shape or color because of the special method of connecting hundreds of tiny felt fabric balls to each other. Each and every one of the rugs that we offer you today are handmade to perfection, in your desired shape. Our Nepal ball rugs can be delivered to your doorstep round, triangular, rectangular, or any other shape you can think of.

The interesting patch of the ball rug

All of our handmade felt ball rugs are designed with small round 100% sheep wool balls. These balls are found in various sizes, where the most popular size is of just less than an inch. The balls themselves can be colored in any desired tone, allowing you to choose the right combination of color for your Nepal ball rugs. The rug itself is a result of the connection between those balls.

Variety of color and a touch of design

This very unique concept can enrich any living room, bedroom or hallway. No matter what is the main theme of design in your home, you can adjust any one of our amazing Nepal ball rugs to fit your needs. Our surprising selection of shapes and colors is a guaranteed to naturally and harmoniously satisfy your vision.

Ball Rugs – From the Sheep to Your Living Room

Our purpose is clear – supporting Nepal labor of the local women by giving each and every family around the world the opportunity to get a unique international experience. We connect the dots for you – no matter where you are located in the world – from New Zealand, through Nepal, to your living room.

100% Wool

Our fine selection of rugs presents a display of a 100% handmade ball rugs. Our rugs are fabricated from the finest wool, which originates in the distant lands of New Zealand. The healthy sheep that are born and raised there provide exquisite wool that is the one and only ingredient in our award winning rugs.

All natural fibers

Let’s get back to our roots for the earth, for ourselves and for our family. All natural fibers are all you will find in our handmade ball rugs, which come straight from New Zealand through Nepal and then directly to you. The use of natural fibers in your home is valuable for reducing toxins that are found in industrialized fabrics and in machine-made rugs.

Ball rugs direct from the farm to you

Not even a single machine is involved in the process of manufacturing our top notch handmade ball rugs. The wool is collected carefully from the sheep, sent to Nepal for processing by local hard working women, and then packed and shipped directly to your door step; maybe even by Christmas this year!

Old tradition in a modern home

The millennia brought with it a new concept in modern design.  This concept takes a step back in time, back to our roots.  In the past years, we could feel a slight breeze of the old traditions all the way from the far end of the globe, and even smell the sweet scent of the Far East. Well-kept traditions of industry are what allow our goals to thrive – supporting local Nepal women labor, while supplying the modern western family a touch of warmth, design and a flavor of distant worlds.

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All Natural Man Made Ball Rugs

Our purpose is not just selling rugs; we truly believe that our product connects the East and West, modern society with ancient wisdom, and concrete reality with natural fibers and warmth. With you, we are going back to the basics, using what nature gives us through craftsmanship and material, achieving essential warmth and an earthy feel.

Getting Back to Mother Earth

When was the last time that you felt something that was 100% natural? These days food is processed, clothes are machine made, water is full of chemicals, and unfortunately, we are lacking something essential, quite possibly the most important thing in the world – Mother Earth. Our Nepal ball rugs are all natural, made by hand – containing nothing more than 100% sheep wool.

Natural materials

New Zealand is home to the largest population of sheep in the world, a fact that brings it the reputation of number one sheep producer. The wool is delicately collected from the sheep, packaged and shipped to Nepal. We don’t add anything to the wool that can harm you or your beloved ones. – No hazardous chemicals.

Humble Craftsmanship

Handmade crafts are an art that has been near forgotten in the modern world we live in.  Machines have replaced human labor and skill and we begin to see technology fill the essential need of personal touch and warmth. By purchasing one, or more, of our Nepal ball rugs you will rest assured knowing that what you are getting is the outcome of ancient craftsmanship that has been preserved until today.

Natural feel and warmth

Nothing compares to the bare essential feeling of coming back home after a long day of work, throwing off your shoes and socks, and stepping on a cozy, warm and colorful felt ball rug. These rugs keep the warmth of your home by acting as a natural barrier from the cold floor. The touch of your feet on these cozy rugs feels like heaven – a feeling that stays in the heart even when you are away from home.

Benefits of Nepal Ball Rugs in Your Home

A designer touch at your finger tips

With Nepal ball rugs you can fill up any space with your original touch. It’s very simple and easy. You can choose your own favorite kind of a ball rug, and match your size, color and shape. You can have a round one, a square one, a big one or a small one! All you need to do is to pick one from our diverse selection and enjoy your own touch of style and design.

Keeps you warm and cozy

Rect_MultiEach and every Nepal ball rug is hand made with 100% sheep wool. The wool, which can be delivered direct to your home, is grown in the far lands of New-Zealand, and brought to Nepal for the art of weaving. The rugs are made by an old technique that has preserved with the years, a technique that was originally made to keep the Nepal families warm and cozy in the freezing nights of Nepal winter.

Beautiful addition of color to any space

Our fuzzy and comfortable rugs are made to fit any space, room or hallway. You can mix and match any color with any shape to fit any desired space in your home! Even office decoration is not a problem when you have Nepal ball rugs. We have the right shapes and office color that are just right for your business.

Increase your family’s health with natural fibers

Everyone wants to live in a healthy house, and healthy house starts with healthy floors. Many of the rugs that can be found nowadays in modern homes are made from synthetic materials that can be very harmful for the residents of the house, especially for infants and young ones. Our beautiful Nepal ball rugs are perfectly made with 100% sheep wool, which is free of dangerous toxins and chemicals.