All Natural Man Made Ball Rugs

All Natural Man Made Ball Rugs

Our purpose is not just selling rugs; we truly believe that our product connects the East and West, modern society with ancient wisdom, and concrete reality with natural fibers and warmth. With you, we are going back to the basics, using what nature gives us through craftsmanship and material, achieving essential warmth and an earthy feel.

Getting Back to Mother Earth

When was the last time that you felt something that was 100% natural? These days food is processed, clothes are machine made, water is full of chemicals, and unfortunately, we are lacking something essential, quite possibly the most important thing in the world – Mother Earth. Our Nepal ball rugs are all natural, made by hand – containing nothing more than 100% sheep wool.

Natural materials

New Zealand is home to the largest population of sheep in the world, a fact that brings it the reputation of number one sheep producer. The wool is delicately collected from the sheep, packaged and shipped to Nepal. We don’t add anything to the wool that can harm you or your beloved ones. – No hazardous chemicals.

Humble Craftsmanship

Handmade crafts are an art that has been near forgotten in the modern world we live in.  Machines have replaced human labor and skill and we begin to see technology fill the essential need of personal touch and warmth. By purchasing one, or more, of our Nepal ball rugs you will rest assured knowing that what you are getting is the outcome of ancient craftsmanship that has been preserved until today.

Natural feel and warmth

Nothing compares to the bare essential feeling of coming back home after a long day of work, throwing off your shoes and socks, and stepping on a cozy, warm and colorful felt ball rug. These rugs keep the warmth of your home by acting as a natural barrier from the cold floor. The touch of your feet on these cozy rugs feels like heaven – a feeling that stays in the heart even when you are away from home.

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